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Magnetic Car Phone Holder

Sheryl Adams — about 7 hours ago

Imagine that you are behind the wheel, your phone is ringing, but you cannot find it because it has fallen off your phone holder after a bump. Or you turn on the road, and your phone annoyingly turns with you. Does this sound familiar? If the answer is yes, it’s definitely time to change your phone holder to this incredible Magnetic Car Phone Holder!

This stunning accessory will reliably hold your device on every bump, turn, and unexpected jerk on the road, preventing it from sliding and falling. The magnetic holder is especially convenient because you can fix the smartphone in it with one hand without taking your eyes off the road.

With our Magnetic Phone Holder, you are not limited to placing it only on the air vent. Innovative stick-and-hold design allows you to create a magnetic holding place for your device anywhere — on the dashboard, on the windshield or anywhere else in the front compartment. You may be sure that it won’t obstruct your view due to its compactness and ultra-slim build, unlike traditional suction-cup holders.

Moreover, even if you don’t need a holder in the car, you can use it anywhere else where you have constant phone use or need to be hands-free. Our magnetic strip will work perfectly in any place: in the kitchen, in your home gym, and even on the bathroom mirror. It will securely hold any device up to 33oz (930g) weight.

The holder is absolutely safe for your phone: with a closed magnetic field between your gadget and the holder, there are no signal or reception issues and no adverse effect on your phone’s body.

Enjoy increased comfort and safer driving with this up-to-date magnetic solution!

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  • Handy stick-and-hold design
  • Reliably holds up to 33oz weight
  • Universal for any device
  • Stable uninterrupted signal
  • Ultra-slim build and size
  • Two adhesive magnets

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  • Helen Hanson
    14 May 2021

    These have been great for a number of projects in addition to having it hold my phone. I use a case on my phone and wireless charging. I used the Qi plate and, while I can get my phone to stay on it, I wouldn’t say it would hold on the road though. If you are using a case and Qi like mine, you many not want to use it in your car. It works great if it’s not being moved. Excellent 3M adhesive on the back of the magnets is greatly appreciated as cheap adhesive makes these things worthless. The stickiness of the metal plates is good enough to hold up a 7″ Raspberry Pi touchscreen. Will buy more of these for more fun uses like that.

  • Tammy Powell
    13 May 2021

    I’m absolutely in love! Thank you! Love this product. It’s so simple – stays on the dash nicely. The metal plate on your phone is thin. The fact that the magnet isn’t on the phone itself I feel is better for the phone. If you have a phone cover – you don’t even have to stick it to the phone. Rather just insert it between your phone and cover. The magnet is very strong and should hold.

  • Dorothy Cox
    7 May 2021

    I searched for a cost effective good product and received just that. The holder has powerful magnets holding my phone using a thick cell phone case. I was amazed how well it holds my phone. I am purchasing more as gifts. I know my family and friends will enjoy and use it.

  • Denise Watkins
    6 May 2021

    I was not sure how well these were going to work, but they turned out to be amazing. I placed one on the dash of my 2020 Silverado, right underneath the climate control knob and it looks as if it was part of the dash and not an add-on. It hold my iPhone 11 Pro and my wife’s iPhone 8+ without any issues and the best part is that the phones look as if they are also part of the dash. The phones simply blend into the car and since the car has Car Play, I don’t ever need to hold or look at my phone at all during my drives. I ordered one more set for my parents. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Terry Williamson
    6 May 2021

    These things are amazing! My job consists of driving a fuel truck and also a van when I’m doing servicE (both of which are bumpy rides) and these hold my phone no matter what. I ordered extra for my other trucks.

  • Deborah Thompson
    6 May 2021

    I really love this magnetic phone mount. I bought 1 pack for my husband and I to use on each of our cars (1 pack comes with 2 of the larger magnets that would stay in your car on the air vent and 4 of the slim magnets that would stick to your phone). I have been looking for a phone holder that does not stick to the dash and is not a huge bulky holder that is an eye sore and gets in the way when you install it. My husband and I both have Galaxy Note 8’s and we haven’t had any problems with the magnet strength.

    The phone stays in place when its placed vertically or horizontally. We really love the ease of just touching the phone to the magnet when we want the phone held and the ease of grabbing it off the magnet when I need to. As for the magnet piece that can stick on your phone, we just placed the magnet between the back of our phone and our phone case, we did not stick it to the phone, our phone case is tight enough that the magnet stays put and doesn’t move at all. Works perfectly.

  • Harry Sanchez
    6 May 2021

    Car Phone Holder arrived in time, recommend. It holds my iPhone 6s+ great … the magnet looks stylish and neat.

  • Keith Wells
    5 May 2021

    Strong magnets, holds my phone nicely. I like being able to have my phone on the dash in hands reach so I can follow the gps.

  • Jonathan Jimenez
    4 May 2021

    I bought this for my iPhone XR it’s awesome works perfect. Just what I need it.

  • Melissa Holmes
    1 May 2021

    looks damn cool!! LOVE IT! thanks to store! I have this stuck on top of my dash and use it to hold my radar detector whenever I need it…hold it firm, strong magnetic hold… adhesive for the magnet is strong… but the adhesive for the plate to use behind items isnt that good… looks good

  • Carol Williamson
    1 May 2021

    High quality product. Holder is great and arrived in time!

  • Theresa Reynolds
    30 Apr 2021

    Very sleek looking and the magnet is strong. I’d recommend this to anyone. I placed one in my car and haven’t had an issues with it sliding or moving . I’d recommend this to anyone.

  • Ralph Schultz
    30 Apr 2021

    The magnet could have been a little stronger.

  • Diana Richardson
    29 Apr 2021

    matches the picture in full. i’m pleased. This magnet is awesome! I stuck one to the back of my 15.6″ touch screen display and now I can suspend it at head level to look up information while I’m working next to a whiteboard.

  • Diane McDonald
    28 Apr 2021

    The first car holder was bought by my husband. I hate that it takes too much space. It doesn’t look bad when it’s not used. This product is much better, simple and beautiful. It doesn’t take up space. It looks like a small decoration. Magnetic adsorption is great.

  • Ruth Henry
    27 Apr 2021

    So cool! Allows you to strategically place you phone in the car as other vital equipment is located.

  • Rose Chapman
    27 Apr 2021

    I love how small and almost unnoticable this mount is. It has strong magnets. The mount does move in all directions, making it possible for me to place it on my center dash while still being able to rotate it slightly toward me for a great view of the screen. The adhesive seems to be great. I live in a very hot place and it hasn’t melted off so that’s cool!

  • Crystal Graham
    27 Apr 2021

    Adhesive isn’t the strongest I’ve seen, but fairly strong. Solid metal construction is top notch though. Way better than any of the plastic ones that always break eventually.

  • Stephen Mitchell
    26 Apr 2021

    Magnet is strong and love the concept but didn’t stick as well as I would have liked. Ended up using super glue and now it works great

  • Rebecca Ortiz
    24 Apr 2021

    I like it because it’s a great product

  • Jordan Kelley
    24 Apr 2021

    Works really good no problems

  • Jane Hopkins
    24 Apr 2021

    Even if it’s not the cheapest Magnetic Car Phone Holder online, I recommend buying anyway. The quality is astonishing!

  • Dylan Washington
    23 Apr 2021

    I really liked the Magnetic Holder, very nice quality and fast delivery

  • Patricia Carter
    22 Apr 2021

    quick delivery, excellent quality, best seller I worked with!

  • Samuel Garrett
    21 Apr 2021

    Great product. I like that the base is slim which gives you more flexibility of where to put it on your dash as it needs a flat surface. I wished they would make the metal plate that adheres to your phone in silver instead of black.


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